About Slink and Kositzki.

Slink and Kositzki are two UK-based creative photographers working together and specialising in art, experimental, portraiture and fashion photography. They first met on a shoot in Bristol with Slink modelling for Kositzki. They became friends instantly and a few years later, they decided to collaborate as a photography duo, often taking images of each other or taking joint self portraits.


Kositzki is a highly experienced photographer and also a very talented model (modelling as Katarina Marie). In 2016, Kositzki completed a diploma in photography which earned her a distinction. Kositzski is currently supplementing her extensive experience in photography by studying at The Glasgow School of Art. She makes fine art portraits but also photographs events, gigs, food and places - she’s generally a bit of a photo addict. 

Slink is currently a professional model (as Helen Stephens). Slink studied photography at college a fair few years ago and initially she focused on photographing live gigs. However, for some inexplicable reason, Slink found herself on the other side of the camera and gradually modelling took over. After a good ten years, Slink was encouraged to pick up the camera again by Kositzki after a shoot together.  Slink nervously started to take photos of Kositzki, and with Kositzki's support, Slink took the image 'Licked'. She has been hooked since!

The Slink and The Kositzki fuse from vastly different angles which makes them work wonderfully together. The Slink makes beautiful pictures - soft, lovely portraits and classic art nude images. The Kositzki splashes contrasting colour around and works on the weirder side of things. Together, Slink and Kositzki work together to combine their respective talents harmoniously.


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